Manual Review of Finalists

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Manual Review of Finalists

Mensaje por erikpeterson el Vie Ene 15, 2016 6:19 pm

A couple items to point out in these last couple days of the competition.

1. The competition ends midnight Sunday this week, Mexico City/Guadalajara time.
Even if we have turned it off, we will disqualify any leads after this time.
Only if we have a severe outage will we extend the competition at this stage.

2. We are adjusting the final input file to be different from that which you got, and optimizations you done for the specific input.
This avoids a few cheats we have seen, but may result in you getting a different length final solution.

3. We also will reserve manually review all finalists and invalidate those that do follow the spirit of the competition.

4. If you end up getting errors which we agree is a fault on our side and it is submitted before the deadline, we may correct our error and run the solution again.
This may result in an input getting added after the deadline.

Have fun in the last stretch.


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